Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's about time!

            I’ve been following the news lately looking for something to talk about this week and I realized many are using the Bin Laden killing to fuel controversy. Was it “enhanced interrogation policies” that led to Osama being caught and killed? And if so, should we continue these policies? Or is torturing cruel and not the proper way? Do we give credit to the Obama administration or the Bush administration? Is it okay to openly rejoice in the streets about this death? Was it okay to throw Bin Laden into the sea and not give him a burial?
            Why is there any controversy over this? I have no idea … to me it is a wonderful time for the USA and for democracy. Bin Laden is finally dead! Who wouldn’t feel wonderful about that? This is a time for everyone to come together and rejoice, not for arguing and bickering


  1. In his speech on Sunday night, president Obama did ask for a return to the bi-partisanship that followed 9/11. However, since it is possible to say that partisanship caused the hunt to continue for 10 years since some politicians were opposed to using certain amounts of force to capture Osama, fingers will be pointed as people wonder why the hunt took so long.

    It is the hallmark of democracy for people to hold divergent opinions and it is the rare extraordinary event that comes along and convinces people to shelve their personal opinions in favor of adopting a bi-partisan position.

  2. Joey, I totally agree. This is definitely a time to celebrate. The controversy is understandable: many people disagree with the methods used to find him (and perhaps the idea of defending the US against terrorists). However, as SNL (which im currently watching) just suggested in their little mermaid based skit, maybe we should have buried him somewhere and let people construct a shrine, so that we could then arrest anyone who showed up to visit.